Nexera XR

Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph

For More Efficient Method Development

Compatible with the Method Scouting System, Which Automates the Method Development Process

The Method Scouting method development system acquires data in sequence by automatically switching between up to 96 combinations of unique separation conditions. Automated functionality enables continuous data acquisition overnight for more efficient method development.

Automation Reduces Analysis Preparation Time and Prevents Errors

The Method Scouting system not only significantly reduces the preparation time involved in analysis work, but can also prevent human errors in the configuration of method files and schedules. With up to 6 columns, 8 mobile phases, and 10 gradient settings, there are 96 conceivable combinations. This system streamlines the process for more efficient and accurate method development.

Improved Method Development Efficiency Via Utilization of Equipment Overnight

Once analysis starts, special software is used to automatically switch the columns and mobile phases to implement analysis. Analysis can be performed overnight and on holidays when users are not present, freeing them from the burden of creating method files, preparing mobile phases, and even switching columns. These synergistic effects can improve the throughput involved in method development more than tenfold.

Fast Data Browsing

The ability to quickly search the large quantity of data obtained from method scouting for suitable conditions is important. The data browser function provided with LabSolutions meets this need by displaying a list of these chromatograms and analysis results.
In addition to retention time, area, and height, analysis results include the degree of separation, separation coefficients, theoretical plate numbers, symmetry coefficients and other indices for chromatogram evaluation, supporting the process of checking the large amount of data for optimal conditions.

Quantitation of Scouting Results via CLASS-Agent Report

CLASS-Agent Report enables quantitation in order to search the data obtained from method scouting for optimal data. With CLASS-Agent Report, numerical data and graphs can be created, utilizing Microsoft Excel, from calculations based on the degree of separation and the number of peaks*. As a result, in addition to visual comparison of chromatograms, determinations can be made based on quantitation of determination standards.

* For evaluation methods using Agent Report, refer to the technical reports separately.

Nexera Method Scouting System

This comprehensive method development support system automatically switches between combinations of mobiles phases and columns.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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