Nexera UC

Supercritical Fluid Extraction/Chromatograph System

Easy and efficient method scouting for separating chiral compounds

Automatically performs a variety of method scouting processes

The high-speed performance of SFC can shorten the time required for method scouting.
It automatically generates a large number of methods by utilizing combinations of up to 12 columns, four modifiers, and different ratios of modifiers to mobile phase.

A screen shot of Method Scouting Solution for Nexera UC user interface.

Chiral analysis with "Nexera UC Chiral Screening System"

CHIRALPAK® Series and CHIRALCEL® Series columns (Daicel Corporation) for chiral analysis are capable of resolving a wide variety of compounds by showing complementary separation targets.
The combination of the Nexera UC Chiral Screening System and these columns simplifies method scouting for chiral analysis.

CHIRALPAK® and CHIRALCEL® are registered trademarks of Daicel Corporation.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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