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Nexera series Lineup

Nexera series Line UP

Nexera XS,X3
Nexera XR
Nexera lite


Pressure Approx. particle size (*) I.D. (*) Dual pump Multi-rinse Key features
Nexera X3 130MPa sub2 μm-3μm 1-3mm Installed as standard
Shimadzu’s flagship UHPLC model. This high-pressure gradient model minimizes gradient delay volume and is ideal for very high sample numbers or as the front end of an LC/MS system. It is also compatible with low-pressure gradients and mobile phase blending.
Nexera XS 105MPa sub 2μm-3μm 1-3mm
Optional A highly flexible UHPLC model compatible with both high and low gradients. Not only does this model significantly reduce analysis time, but the use of plate-changers enables efficient analysis of a large number of samples.
Nexera XR 70MPa 2μm-3μm 2-4.6mm Optional This UHPLC-like model is the new standard for the Shimadzu LC series. It is compatible with a wide range of analysis conditions from conventional HPLC analysis to ultra-high separation analysis using core-shell columns with a particle size of 3 μm and below.
Nexera lite 44MPa above 3μm  3mm- Optional A conventional HPLC model with excellent basic functions and many options for expansion. Cutting-edge AI functions increase the reliability of established analysis workflows. It can be adapted for all application systems.

*To achieve maximum functionality of both instruments and columns, we recommend using columns with the particle size and dimensions suggested. However, as long as the maximum pressure of the instrument and columns are not exceeded, other columns can be used.
Piping adjustments may be necessary depending on the analysis conditions. Please contact a Shimadzu sales representative for details.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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