Nexera series

System Controller





  SCL-40 CBM-40 CBM-40lite
Monitor Touch panel
Web monitor
Web monitor
Web monitor
Connectable unit
Solvent delivery unit: max. 4, Autosampler: 1, Column oven: max. 4, Detector: max 2, etc.
Number of connectable units 8 (Using option: 12) 4 (Excluding built-in solvent delivery unit)
Event input/output Input: 1, output: 2
Analog board
Up to two channels (option) Up to one channel (option) ̶
Communication Ethernet
Reservoir tray Built-in ̶
Dimensions, weight W 260×D 500×H 140 mm、6 kg W 260×D 500×H 72 mm、5 kg ̶
Operating temperature range 4 to 35°C
Power supply AC 100–240 V, 50 VA, 50/60 Hz Supplied from solvent delivery unit

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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