Universal / Tensile Testing Machine

Shimadzu offers a range of first-class tensile testing instruments to meet R&D requirements in the development of safer and higher quality materials and products. With Tensile Testers like the AG-X-V Series, AGS-X Series and the Table-top EZ Test Series, Capillary Flow and Endurance Testers, and a variety of Micro Hardness Testers like the DUH-211 Series, the choice is yours. Combined with Shimadzu's selection of accessories, including grips, extensometers, and jigs, and the optional Windows®-compatible Trapezium Software, which provides simplified user operation with Wizards and the industry's premier navigation system, Shimadzu can provide you with a solution for any environment or application.

High-level technologies incorporating precision, electronics, control, optics, sensors, and information processing are concentrated in these testing and inspection machines, producing the evaluation system most suited to the objective of use.

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AGX-V Series

This is the 100th anniversary of manufacturing Shimadzu testing machines.
The AGX series is the culmination of the further evolution of the AUTOGRAPH based on our wealth of experience and achievements

AGS-X Series

Precision universal tester now easier to use.

EZ Test

Compact and Slim Units Equipped With Enhanced Functions Make High-Efficiency Testing a Reality.

Micro Autograph

A high-precision linear sensor ensures high displacement measurement precision (displacement display...

UH-X/FX Series

The UH-X/FX Series is a new hydraulic universal testing machine which realized ease-of-operation for...

Fully Automatic Concrete Compression Testing Machine

Fully Automatic Testing of Ultra-High Strength Materials Through to Early Age or Mortar Samples on a Single Unit


Perform high-efficiency, continuous testing thanks to fast data searches and one-touch method select...


TRAPEZIUM LITE X is newly developed simple software for Autograph series testing machines. It boasts...


The software ensures that anyone can easily use the AGX-V, which is equipped with a number of cutting-edge functions.
With a flexible UI that accommodates a variety of testing situations, the software is suitable for all users.


Solution System Packages

Compliance with ISO, JIS, and ASTM Plastics Testing Standards

Automatic Systems


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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