In recent years, global warming has caused a variety of extreme weather events throughout the world that affect not only human socioeconomic activities but also have an environmental impact on ecosystems. By 2050, the EU has set a goal of reducing emissions by at least 55 % compared to 1990 levels and the U.S. by 50-52 % compared to 2005 levels. Accordingly, Shimadzu will offer a variety of analytical solutions for achieving a carbon-free society.
This exhibition features various applications, web content, and analytical/measuring instruments relevant to specific Green Innovation Fund projects, such as applications involving offshore wind and solar power (next-generation renewable energies), hydrogen and ammonia fuels, automotive and storage batteries, semiconductors, and information communication, food, agriculture, forestry, and fisheries, carbon recycling and materials, and resource utilization in a circular economy.

Shimadzu Environmental Contribution

Towards Carbon Neutrality

Shimadzu Environmental Analysis Instruments Catalog

—Shimadzu Contributes to Solving Problems in a Diverse Range of Fields—

Towards Carbon Neutrality

We contribute to technological development and quality control in fields such as hydrogen fuels, biofuels, wind power generation, and other renewable energies, as well as automobiles and storage batteries, which are all indispensable for achieving carbon neutrality. In addition, we are actively adopting renewable energy in our business activities, aiming to reduce CO2 emissions.

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