Nexera XR

Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph

Solvent Delivery Performance that Supports High-Accuracy Analysis

System Capacity with a Focus on Compatibility

Designed to be compatible with general UHPLC systems, Nexera XR can be controlled from competing workstations, and can use methods created with competing systems.

Supporting Both HPLC and UHPLC Analyses

Nexera XR accepts both standard HPLC columns and 2 μm to 3 μm high-speed, high-separation columns. As a standard UHPLC model, it supports the speed-up of existing methods.

Baseline Stability

Baseline stability is affected by numerous factors, including the performance of the pump, oven, detector, and other components. By utilizing temperature-controlled detectors, the Nexera XR improves baseline stability for the system as a whole.

Supports a Variety of Analysis Conditions

With its 66 MPa pressure resistance, Nexera XR expands the scope of high-speed, high-resolution analysis. This may include analysis under room temperature conditions, improvement of separation using long columns, and the use of a water/methanol mobile phase.

Standard Nexera XR System

This system is equipped with a low-pressure gradient system recognized for its concentration accuracy.

This high-pressure mixed system provides excellent gradient response. It can be configured as a quaternary system by adding a low-pressure gradient unit.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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