Exact Mass Database for Endogenous Metabolites - Features

LabSolutions™ LCMS for LCMS-9030

Information for 470 compounds

This database is based on the successful LC/MS/MS Method Packages for Primary Metabolites, Cell Culture Profiling, Lipid Mediators, Short Chain Fatty Acids, and Bile Acids, and provides a comprehensive list of 470 metabolites (including internal standards) with retention times and exact mass information.

The database is compatible with the Multi-omics Analysis Package (sold separately). Processing the analysis results with Multi-omics Analysis Package allows statistical analysis, network analysis and visualization on the metabolic map(exc. Short chain fatty acids) to be carried out easily.​

Method name No. of registered compounds*
Primary metabolites 99
Cell culture profiling 96
Lipid mediators 214
Short chain fatty acids 23
Bile acids 38
*including internal standards 

Total Solutions for Metabolomics

Shimadzu provides a set of workflows using a variety of mass spectrometers and database/method packages for metabolomics.

Example 1: Biomarker Discovery

Example 2: Comprehensive Cell Culture Profiling


  1. LabSolutions LCMS Ver. 5.97 or later is required.
  2. This method package is for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

LabSolutions is a trademark of Shimadzu Corporation.

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