Remote-controlled R/F System - FLEXAVISION SF/HB/FD package

Flexibile R/F solution with numerous system configuration choices

 Shimadzu FLEXAVISION ten-year milestone as the pioneer of "Remote-controlled" fluoroscopy systems
In 1961, Shimadzu started a new era in imaging diagnostics with the World's 1st remote-controlled fluoroscopy system, with a highly innovative design to reduce the radiation dose to patients and operators. Since then Shimadzu has continued providing new values as a market leader of remote-controlled fluoroscopy systems. In 2007, the FLEXAVISION was released with the concept of "Flexibility" to realize our customers' evolving requirements. With gratitude and appreciation for the past decade, we will release the FLEXAVISION eXceed edition, contributing to better imaging and diagnosis.

Thank you! SHIMADZUĂ—FLEXAVISION 10th Anniversary


Offering various kinds of table, high-voltage generator, x-ray tube, imaging intensifier and image processing units, FLEXAVISION allows you to create an optimal system that accommodates both your patient throughput requirement and all your examination types. Even though the system is compact, its rapid movement and wide patient coverage allow for precise positioning in the area of interest. This ensures easy selection of the optimal system for almost all your demands in everyday examination, from thoracic and abdominal examinations to orthopedics, pediatrics, urology and emergency use.

Golden standard of fluoroscopy systems

To date, more than 3,000 FLEXAVISION systems, including the FLEXAVISION SF/HB/DF packages and the FLEXAVISION F3, have been installed world-wide.
This tremendous achievement indicates that the FLEXAVISION is more than just a reliable and productive system.
It is widely acknowledged by numerous customers that the FLEXAVISION is the golden standard for fluoroscopy systems.

Golden standard of fluoroscopy systems

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Digitization of gastric mass screenings enhances examination efficiency and quality Near-optimal image quality (PDF 1.71MB)

Ms.Yumi Matsueda
Department of Radiology, Koukan Kai Tsurumi Clinic

Satisfying Gastric Examinations by Image Quality with the Priority on Sharpness and Clarity (PDF 1.55MB)

Mr.Kazuhiko Hanafusa
Chief Radiological Technologist
Nishinihon Occupational Health Service Center
Kitakyushu Medical Checkup Clinic

High-quality images that make a difference in thorough stomach examinations are a great help to the Center of Gastroenterological Endoscopy Removing unnecessary functions makes this system easy to introduce as a special-purpose device. (PDF 1.66MB)

FLEXAVISION FD Package (Full Digital system)

Dr.Tadashi Shigematsu,
Department of Gastroenterology
Saiseikai Shiga Hospital (Shiga Prefecture)

Any system other than FLEXAVISION, which offers oblique fluoroscopy and table elevation, would be inconceivable for a pain clinic. (PDF 1.53MB)

FLEXAVISION FD Package (Full Digital system)

Mr.Shigeru Kojo, Kojo Clinic
(Hiroshima Prefecture)

Effective for the hysterosalpingography performed as a cutting-edge fertility treatment. Digitization helps improve image management (PDF 1.71MB)

FLEXAVISION SF Package (Casette SFD system)

Mr.Hiroshi Matsumoto, IVF Osaka Clinic
(Osaka Prefecture)

CR cassette spot filming that supports the PTA of dialysis patients is also effective in orthopedic examinations (PDF 449KB)

FLEXAVISION SF (Casette CR SFD system) Package

Director Dr.Fumiyuki Nakashima, Namazuta Medical Clinic
(Fukuoka Prefecture)

Experience of Using FLEXAVISION X-ray TV system in Medical Examinations (PDF 780KB)

Mr.Nobuyuki Ohe, Medical Department, Medical Corporation Jurakukai m.o Clinic

Digitization Eliminates Time Required for Film Development Appreciating the Value of a Patient-Friendly Fixed Tabletop (PDF 264KB)

FLEXAVISION FD Package (Full Digital System)

Dr.Masaoki Sunagawa, Director, Sunagawa Clinic (Nara Prefecture)

With Compact Dimensions and Easy Operability, the FLEXAVISION FD Package Endoscopy Rooms (PDF 345KB)

FLEXAVISION FD Package (Full Digital System)

Mr.Toshio Dozaiku, Surgical/Gastrointestinal Center Chief,
Mr.Hirokazu Yamanaka, Chief Technologist and Mr.Yuji Oda,
Medical Corporation Seichokai Fuchu Hospital.

FLEXAVISION was the right choice for our hospital (PDF 484KB)

FLEXAVISION (SFD&Digital) System HB Package

Mr.Kazuhisa Ishibashi, Chief Technologist
and Mr.Akihito Kawamoto, Senior Technologist, Yukioka Medical Research
Institute Yukioka Hospital

Experience of Using FLEXAVISION X-ray TV system (PDF 1.9MB)

Mr. Mitsuru Kamiuchi, Department of Radiography, Seijin-Kai
Medical Corporation, Rakusai Shimizu Hospital

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