Remote-controlled R/F System - FLEXAVISION SF/HB/FD package

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FLEXAVISION FD package eXceed edition

FLEXAVISION Mechanisms That Enhance Ease of Use

FLEXAVISION Mechanisms That Enhance Ease of Use

Highest Image Quality in its Class

New “Smart FIT” Fluoroscopy Image Processing Function Reduces Noise and Ghosting

New real time digital filtering can efficiently reduce noise in low dose fluoroscopic images. High quality fluoroscopic images with the filtering can be viewed without any gosting.

1024 × 1024-Matrix, 12-bit (4096-Gradation), Full-Digital Images

Equipped with a high-definition 1-megapixel CCD camera, the 12-inch (30cm) image intensifier provides a large field of view.In fluoroscopy and radiography, real-time acquisition of high-definition, full-digital images allows immediate viewing on a monitor.

Angiography [OPTION]

High-speed, high-definition, real-time DSA is avaliable at 7.5 fps on a 1024 X 1024 matrix.


Dose Management

FLEXAVISION not only provides high-definition images with the optimal image quality for each examination. It also effectively reduces the total exposure dose in pediatric, gynecological and other examinations where low dose exposures are required.

Low-Dose Pulsed Fluoroscopy Included as Standard Feature

Three pulse rates can be selected depending on examination requirements (3.75 fps, 7.5 fps, or 15 fps).
That means high-quality images can be viewed while minimizing the radiation exposure to patients, even during interventional or other procedures that require
fluoroscopy for long periods.

Low-Dose Pulsed Fluoroscopy Included as Standard Feature

Exposure Dose Values in Real Time

Calculated dose values are displayed on the monitor in real time.* In addition to using the display as a guideline for exposure levels during examinations, the dose values can also be managed as examination information via the network.

* A area dosimeter (option) can also be installed.

Exposure Dose Values in Real Time

Supporting Hospital IT Network

Supporting Hospital IT Network

Compatible with Various Anti-Malware Software Networks Within Hospitals

Network compatibility ensures patient registrations, printing out examination results and information sent to a server smoothly.

Anti-Malware Software [OPTION]

Even if malware infiltrates the system, through a network connection or external media, for example, this software protects the system by preventing execution
of any unauthorized software.

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