General Radiographic SystemRADspeed Pro™ SR5 Version combined with DR sytem

RADspeed Pro SR5 Version combined with DR sytem

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High Examination Efficiency

Vision for High Throughput

Auto Stitching of Long View Images
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The system automatically swivels the X-ray tube and moves the FPD to capture images. The captured image data is then automatically stitched together in the DR system. That makes it easy to create images that are wide along the longitudinal direction of the body.*

  • *This functionality is available for systems that combine a Shimadzu BR-120 or BR-120T Bucky stand and a BK-200 Bucky table with a DR system from other manufacturers. For information about compatible DR systems, contact a Shimadzu sales representative.

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Combination with DR system Capability Offers New Clinical Value

Vision for New Clinical Value

99μm Glass-Free FPD OPTION

The 99μm pixel size advanced Glass-Free detectors provide excellent clinical images at low dose rates with high sensitivity.The 2.4kg*1 lightweight ergonomic design incorporates rounded edges and recessed handgrips providing excellent workflow. Robust design provide the superior values: better usability with drop resistance and 400kg uniform load capacity, more stable operation with IP67 water and dust resistance, and low maintenance costs.

*1) 14x17 inch, single battery

99μm Glass-Free FPD

One Shot Scoliosis Imaging OPTION

The 17 x 51 inches long format FPD makes it possible to perform scoliosis examinations with a single exposure therefore minimize the effect of motion artifact. Quick and accurate long view imaging can meet the needs of examinations for scoliosis patients. 

Long-format FPD

DR System (recommended FPD)

*Display screen image of the PC to operate the DR system.

*Display screen image of the PC to operate the DR system.


DR system

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