General Radiographic SystemRADspeed Pro™ SR5 Version EDGE package

RADspeed Pro SR5 Version EDGE package

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High Examination Efficiency

Vision for High Throughput

Auto Stitching of Long View Images
Speed Stitch OPTION ICON

The system automatically swivels the X-ray tube and moves the FPD to capture images. The captured image data is then automatically stitched together in the DR system. That makes it easy to create images that are wide along the longitudinal direction of the body.*

  • *This functionality is available for systems that combine a Shimadzu BR-120 or BR-120T Bucky stand and a BK-200 Bucky table with a DR system from other manufacturers. For information about compatible DR systems, contact a Shimadzu sales representative.

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Combination with DR system Capability Offers New Clinical Value

Vision for New Clinical Value

Tomosynthesis OPTION

Tomosynthesis enables to observe multiple slices of volume data acquired easily from a single tomographic scan.*


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T-smart™ OPTION

T-smart is our latest and highest grade tomosynthesis technology evolved further to reduce the metal artifacts with iterative reconstruction method. This application is useful especially for the orthopedic customers who are treating a lot of joint replacements with metal implants because T-smart is effective to see the adhesion degree between bone and implant.*


Dual Energy Subtraction OPTION

By taking successive high and low voltage images and applying a calculation process, soft-tissue images and bone images can be viewed separately.*

Soft-tissue image
Soft-tissue image
Bone image
Bone image

* Only available for systems configured with DR-ID911SE.

DR System

Display screen image of the PC to operate the DR system.

*Display screen image of the PC to operate the DR system.


(17x17ich, GOS/CsI)


(17x14ich, GOS/CsI)





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Hidehiko Fukuoka
Department of Radiology, Kariya Toyota General Hospital
Yuma Arakawa
Department of Radiography, Sendai Nishitaga Hospital
Hirohito Tanaka
Department of Radiology, Chibune General Hospital
Takayuki Baba
Department of Diagnostic Imaging, Imamura General Hospital
Masahiro Kawano
Medical Systems Division, Shimadzu Corporation