Approach to ESG

To achieve sustained growth for society and increased corporate value over the medium and long-term for Shimadzu, Shimadzu is actively engaged in solving challenges in societal, environmental, governance, and other challenges.


our measures


Environmental Management

  • Reducing the Environmental Impact of Business Activities
    • CO2Emissions
    • Water Management
    • Resource Recycling
    • Chemical Substances Management
  • Measures for Conservation of Biodiversity
  • Support for Environmental Activities Outside of Shimadzu


  • Human Resource Development
  • Working Practice Reforms
  • Diversity Management
  • Health Management
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Harmony with Local Communities


  • Management Principle
  • Message from Top Management
  • Corporate Governance

Activity Guidelines: Approach to the Environment

Reducing the Environmental Impact of Business Activities

Strive to reduce our environmental impact by specifying medium and long-term CO2 emission reduction targets for the Shimadzu Group and develop closer partnerships with suppliers to actively increase the use of solar or other renewable energies and reduce the use of hazardous chemical substances, for example.

Activity Guidelines: Measures for Society

Human Resource Development

In particular, we are strengthening measures in three areas-developing business leaders that can drive business activities as a leader of an organization, expanding/improving skill improvement programs that increase the expertise of employees, and developing global human resources able to work together with partners around the world.

Working Practice Reforms

We are implementing measures throughout the Group to improve both individual skills and organizational productivity. In addition to improving measures to improve the skills of individual employees, we are also implementing business process reforms by reviewing existing systems and business processes and implementing the latest technologies, such as AI, IoT, or robotics.

Diversity Management

We promote diversity and inclusion for the following three reasons. (1) Combining diverse types of knowledge and senses of value will provide a source for new science and technology sought by Shimadzu. (2) We intend to create a workplace where employees can fully utilize their strengths, regardless of differences in sex, nationality, age, or gender identity/orientation (such as LGBT), or handicaps or any other work limitations they may have. (3) Acceptance as a member of the workplace serves as the foundation for employee trust in company and shared corporate value.

Health Management

We believe that ensuring the physical and mental health of each employee will lead to increasing corporate value. Therefore, we have been working to establish systems and create workplace environments that allow employees to work without worrying about their health.

Occupational Health and Safety

In addition to complying with applicable laws, regulations, and company regulations related to occupational safety and health, we also provide safety and health training, where veteran employees teach safety skills to newer employees, for example, and also ensure thorough risk assessment.

Harmony with Local Communities

We shall deploy social measures for promoting cooperation and conciliation with local communities.

Governance Measures