Dialogue with Shareholders

Policy for Constructive Dialogue with Shareholders

Our Company informs its shareholders and investors of the current business situation and business strategies through the financial results briefings presented by the President & CEO at the end of the fiscal year and half-year, and the financial results for the first and third quarters are reported at a financial results briefing by the Executive Officer in charge of IR. In addition, our Company actively participates in conferences that are held in capital markets, responds to personal interviews, and conducts tours of the business sites and facilities of our Company. Also, in light of the composition of shareholders, our Company will actively engage in dialogue with our international investors mainly through the Executive Officer in charge of IR and the department in charge of IR. In disclosing information, our Company will not disclose any insider information in accordance with the restrictions on insider trading. At the same time, in order to ensure the impartial distribution of information to shareholders, our Company will set a silent period from the date of closing of the annual accounts to the date of publication of the said accounts, etc.

To contribute to sustainable growth and the increase of corporate value over the mid to long term, the Corporate Officers will sincerely listen to the views of shareholders and/or investors through the bi-lateral communication with the capital markets, clearly explain the business policies of our Company to shareholders in an understandable manner so as to gain their support, and promote constructive dialogue to maximize the common interests of shareholders.

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Chapter V. Dialogue with Shareholders of Corporate Governance Policy

Information Disclosure Policy

Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors (in FY 2023)

Activities Frequency Presenters Contents
Financial Results Briefing Every quarter, 4 times in total Q1: Director, Member of the Board, Senior Managing Executive Officer, and CFO (hereinafter referred to as CFO)
First Half: President, Representative Director, and CEO (hereinafter referred to as CEO)
Full Year: CEO
We present financial results, business environment and future strategy, full year earnings forecast, etc., and conduct a Q & A session. Details are available on our company website, Investor Relations.
IR Individual Interview 780 companies in total CFO and Corporate Communication Department (IR General Manager and IR Group) Individual interviews are held with domestic/overseas analysts and institutional investors. Q & A is mainly on financial results, as well as the medium-term management plan and ESG.
SR Individual Interview About 20 companies Corporate Communication Department (IR General Manager and IR Group) and Legal Department Dialogues with the voting divisions of substantial shareholders are held, leading to improvements in General Shareholders Meetings and information disclosure. In FY 2023, discussions were held on corporate governance initiatives and the Integrated Report.
IR Event for Institutional Investors and Analysts 3 times CEO, General Manager of Analytical and Measurement Instrument Division, and Corporate Communication Department (IR General Manager and IR Group) We held a small meeting with the president for analysts, a tour of the exhibition, and a tour of the application development center (click here for details).
Briefing and IR event for Individual Investors 8 times Corporate Communication Department (IR General Manager and IR Group) We present company and business overview, financial results, medium-term management plan, ESG initiatives, etc. In addition, we conducted an event that included a tour of the Shimadzu Foundation Memorial Museum and showroom after the presentation.
Implementation of Feedback to Management, the Board of Directors, and the Executive Committee Weekly and quarterly CFO and Corporate Communication Department (IR General Manager and IR Group) We deliver weekly reports to management on the opinions and issues raised by shareholders, investors, and analysts in order to improve corporate value. In addition, quarterly discussions are held at the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee.

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