Shareholder Returns/Dividends

Dividend Policy

We intend to keep dividends stable while also comprehensively taking into account earnings performance and cash flows when determining shareholder returns.

We will endeavor to return profits to shareholders based on a target total return ratio of 30 %.




Fiscal Year
Dividend (Yen)
Payout Ratio
interim dividend
year-end dividend
FY2018 13Yen
FY2017 11Yen 13Yen 24Yen 23.7%
FY2016 10Yen 10Yen 20Yen 22.3%
FY2015 9Yen 9Yen 18Yen 22.2%
FY2014 5Yen 8Yen(Include a commemorative dividend of 3 Yen) 13Yen 20.8%

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