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Continuing to Take on the Challenge of Achieving a Sustainable Society through Science, Technology, and Partnerships

What Shimadzu Corporation Aims to Achieve

Shimadzu’s goal is to create a bright future by further refining our scientific and technological capabilities and working with partners around the world to engage in corporate activities based on the dual principles of “Solving societal challenges through business operations” and “Engaging in responsible activities as a member of society.”

Since we were founded in 1875, Shimadzu has continued to operate based on our corporate philosophy “Contributing to Society through Science and Technology” and our management principle “Realizing Our Wishes for the Well-being of Mankind and the Earth.” Today, we continue to provide support for achieving a sustainable society through our four key business segments, Analytical & Measuring Instruments, Medical Systems, Aircraft Equipment, and Industrial Machinery, and by offering various instruments for diagnosing, treating, and measuring health issues at healthcare institutions, equipment for supporting new drug development, and devices to help build a safe and secure society.

In recent years, there has been growing demand for sustainability management, but the requirements for that are already consistent with Shimadzu’s management principles, which further strengthens our resolve to engage in these businesses. Our focus on human health, a safe and secure society, and industrial development is also consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that the United Nations has set for 2030.

Yasunori Yamamoto, President and CEO

Based on the Shimadzu Group Sustainability Charter

In 2021, we established the Shimadzu Group Sustainability Charter to help realize a sustainable society through business activities based on our corporate philosophy and management principle, and committed ourselves to addressing three themes, contributing to the “Well-being of Mankind and the Earth,” contributing to industry and society, and corporate governance throughout the entire Group.

In terms of contributing to the “Well-being of Mankind,” our aim is to help achieve a society where all people can live physically and mentally healthy lives by supplying a variety of solutions, such as analytical and measuring instruments to support food and drug R&D or life sciences research, or systems to support diagnosis and therapy in healthcare based on X-ray or optical technologies.

As for contributing to the “Well-being of the Earth,” our aim is to help achieve a global environment where future generations can live worry-free lives by further improving the analytical and measuring technologies we offer for achieving carbon-neutrality and by engaging in R&D partnerships with customers that want to develop next-generation energy solutions or adopt carbon-free or recycling-based manufacturing processes.

Regarding contributing to industry and society, our aim is to help achieve industrial development and a safe and secure society, such as by using Shimadzu precision machinery technologies to offer instruments and components used in R&D and manufacturing workplaces and precision components required for aircraft.

Under the theme of corporate governance, we will strengthen our global governance and risk management, with a focus on compliance, product quality, and respect for human rights.

Taking on the Challenge of Achieving Sustainability

As a member of society, we endorse the Global Compact proposed by the United Nations and will continue solving issues associated with sustainability, such as achieving SDGs.

We will continue to face facts from a scientific perspective, identify the true essence of challenges, and refine relevant technologies to offer new value based on Shimadzu Group technologies, products, and services in the areas of “well-being of mankind,” “safety and security of society,” and “industrial development.” To this end, the entire Shimadzu Group will act collectively to ensure compliance, quality, and respect for human rights, and will continue taking on the challenge of solving societal issues through our business activities and satisfying stakeholder expectations.


Yasunori Yamamoto, President and CEO