Skill Matrix of Directors

The composition of Shimadzu Board of Directors is determined based on achieving an appropriate size and diversity for deploying businesses, the given business environment, and other factors. Shimadzu deploys businesses globally based on the corporate philosophy “Contributing to Society through Science and Technology” in four business segments—Analytical & Measuring Instruments, Medical Systems, Aircraft Equipment, and Industrial Machinery. In particular, Shimadzu is involved in using the company’s strengths to create new businesses in healthcare fields based on merging technologies from both the Analytical & Measuring Instruments and Medical Systems segments. 
From the perspective of managing the company in that way, in order to achieve a good balance between decision-making for executing important business activities based on extensive discussion by the Board of Directors and functions for appropriately supervising and auditing such business execution, currently the following areas of knowledge and experience are considered important for the Board of Directors—company management, international experience, technology/IT, sales/marketing, finance/accounting, compliance/risk management, and personnel/human resources development. Directors are appointed from candidates with appropriate knowledge and experience in the above areas. The above areas of knowledge and experience will continue to be reassessed based on external business conditions and company circumstances.

  Name Knowledge/Experience of Directors
Company Management International Experience Technology/
Risk Management
Human Resources Development
Teruhisa Ueda        
Yasunori Yamamoto          
Yasuo Miura        
Akira Watanabe            
Hiroko Wada Outside Shimadzu      
Nobuo Hanai Outside Shimadzu        
Yoshiyuki Nakanishi Outside Shimadzu        
Nami Hamada Outside Shimadzu      
Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Hiroyuki Fujii          
Makoto Koyazaki            
Masahiro Nishio Outside Shimadzu          
Tsuyoshi Nishimoto Outside Shimadzu          

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