Information Disclosure Policy

Information Disclosure Policy

1. Basic Policy

Shimadzu is committed to timely disclosure of information considered useful to shareholders, investors, and other Shimadzu stakeholders for the purpose of obtaining a better understanding of Shimadzu and for building their trust.

2. Information Disclosed

  1. Important information about Shimadzu management, as specified by relevant securities trading laws and rules in Japan for listed companie
  2. Information disclosures derived from statutory disclosures
  3. Information judged to be useful to shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders, with the exception of important information about competitive strategies of individual businesses or sophisticated sales secrets

3. Rules for Information Disclosure

  1. Transparency and Accountability
    Shimadzu is committed to transparency and accountability in terms of disclosing information based on fact, regardless of whether that information is favorable or unfavorable to Shimadzu.
  2. Observation of Applicable Laws, Regulations, and Rules
    Shimadzu shall comply with systems specified by law for information disclosure, such as the Japanese Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and timely disclosure rules specified by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  3. Timely Disclosure
    Information shall be disclosed in a timely manner after facts that should be disclosed occur.
  4. Easily Understandable Disclosure
    Information shall be disclosed in a form easily understandable not only to stakeholders, but also to most others.
  5. Ensuring Fairness
    Shimadzu shall endeavor to disseminate information in a manner that is fair to all stakeholders. To avoid the selective disclosure of information to limited those participating in capital markets, Shimadzu ensures maintenance and management of information thoroughly according to "Fair Disclosure Rule".
  6. Ensuring Confidentiality
    Important information shall be kept strictly confidential until the information is disclosed in an appropriate and fair manner. Unless confidentiality is protected by a specific confidentiality agreement or other means, Shimadzu shall prevent leaking such information to third-parties not directly involved (including to Shimadzu Directors).

4. Information Disclosure Method

  1. Information governed by the Securities Listing Regulations specified by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. and related rules shall be disclosed via the Timely Disclosure network (TDnet) system provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  2. In addition to the information indicated above, other information thought to influence investment decisions shall be disclosed promptly via press releases, press conferences, presentations, or other means, as appropriate for the given importance or urgency level.
  3. After information is disclosed via methods (1) or (2) above, the information shall be promptly posted on the Shimadzu Corporation website.

5. Projections of the Future

Projections of future performance disclosed by Shimadzu represent predictions made by the Shimadzu Group based on information available at the time they are disclosed and given assumptions judged to be reasonable. However, actual results could differ significantly from projected performance, due to a variety of risk factors and uncertainties.

6. Quiet Period

To prevent leaking information about financial results and ensure fairness, Shimadzu designates the period starting the day after the last day of a given quarter and extending to the date the financial results for that quarter are officially announced as a "quiet period," during which Shimadzu, as a rule, refrains from responding to questions or making comments about financial results. However, in some cases, if actual results are expected to be significantly different from previous estimates, then such information shall be disclosed appropriately in accordance with disclosure rules, even if it is during the quiet period.

7. Information from Third Parties

The Shimadzu Group accepts no responsibility for any predictions, comments, or other information about the Shimadzu Group released by any third party.

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