Respect for human rights

Human Rights and Labor Policy

We shall observe international norms and comply with laws and regulations in respective countries regarding worker rights, working hours, and so on, such as by respecting personal rights, eliminating child or forced labor, and prohibiting discrimination based on race, gender, language, nationality, religion, physical handicaps, or beliefs.

(1) Respecting Human Rights

We shall respect and never violate human rights established based on international norms. Furthermore, we shall not harm the character or dignity of other people, such as engaging in any of various types of harassment.

(2) Eliminating Child Labor and Forced Labor

We shall eliminate the use of child or forced labor from all stages of business activities.

Measures for Conflict Minerals

Compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015

(3) Abolishing Hiring or Career Discrimination

We shall not discriminate in hiring, based on factors such as race, gender, language, nationality, religion, physical handicaps, or beliefs. In addition, we shall ensure equal opportunities for workers and treat them fairly based on factors such as competence and job duties.

(4) Permitting Freedom of Association and Right of Collective Bargaining

We shall permit workers freedom of association and shall engage in constructive discussions with labor representatives regarding workplace problems, based on applicable international norms and laws and regulations of corresponding countries.

(5) Maintaining Appropriate Working Conditions

We shall specify and appropriately implement working conditions, such a working hours and wages, based on applicable laws and regulations of the corresponding countries.