Harmony with local communities

Local Communities Policy

We shall deploy social measures for promoting cooperation and conciliation with local communities.

(1) Promoting the Advancement of Science and Technology and Cultivating Its Next Generation

To achieve further advancement of science and technology, we shall fund/promote cutting-edge research, and cultivate the next generation of human resources by using the knowledge and technologies we have.

Hands-On Analysis School

Participating in Scientific Technology Exhibits and Supporting

Outstanding Researchers Awarded Shimadzu Award and R&D Grant

Shimadzu Cup Awarded for Outstanding Research in China

SHIMADZU Excellence in Science Program

SHIMADZU Excellence in Science Program

Supporting the United Nations University Project

Shimadzu Foundation Memorial Hall

(2) Promoting the Welfare of Society

We shall act based on sincerely confronting a variety of issues in the local community, such as providing support in the event of a disaster or promoting the hiring of people with disabilities.

Activities to Help Typhoon Victims in the Philippines

Regional Contribution Activities Throughout the World

(3) Supporting Culture, Art, and Sports

We shall support achieving an affluent society and improving the mental and physical health of people by supporting cultural and art activities and promoting sports.

Contributing to Society Through Tennis