Shimadzu Group Sustainability Charter

Shimadzu Group Sustainability Charter

Create a Bright Future
SHIMADZU CORPORATION will engage in company activities and fulfill social responsibilities based on two principles - “solve the challenges of society through business operations” and “engage in activities as a responsible member of society” - while working towards harmony between the earth, society, and people.

  1. We have nurtured our science technology and know-how in our long-standing business based on the Corporate Philosophy of "Contributing to Society through Science and Technology," and the Management Principle of "Realizing Our Wishes for the Well-being of Mankind and the Earth."
    Under these basic principles and policy, our Company is globally engaged in four business segments, namely, Analytical and Measuring Instruments, Medical Systems, Industrial Machinery, and Aircraft Equipment, in the fields of "human health," "safety and security of society" and "industrial development."
  2. In the field of "human health", our Company provides various kinds of solutions such as R&D assistance for drug and food, support for life science research with Analytical and Measuring Instruments, medical diagnostic and treatment support system with X-ray and/or optical technology. Also, in an effort of contribution to "industrial development" and achievement of "safety and security of society", utilizing our precision machinery technologies, our Company provides instruments and key components used at the laboratory and manufacturing facilities and precise onboard aircraft equipment.
  3. As a member of the global community, we support the United Nations Global Compact and have worked to resolve issues related to sustainability, including the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
    Furthermore, in order to realize a sustainable society on a global scale, we will strive to increase our corporate value by accelerating measures such as realizing a society with healthy longevity, struggling to climate change and circular economy.
  4. We aim to resolve social issues through the social implementation of science and technology by committing to science and technology continuously.
    Also we disclose information on our corporate activities in a timely, appropriate and fair manner in order to earn the trust of stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, business partners, employees, and local communities, and build and maintain relationships based on mutual understanding through dialogue with stakeholders.

Contribution to the “Well-being of Mankind and the Earth”

  • Development of science and technology
  • Contribution to human health, measures against infectious diseases, and health management
  • Realization of a society with healthy longevity
  • Commitment to Carbon Neutrality
  • Creation of Circular Economy
  • Contribution to the conservation of biodiversity

Contribution to the industry and society

  • Contribution to industrial development
  • Realization of a safe and secure society
  • Strengthening Intellectual Property Strategy
  • Responsibility as a member of society

With respect to corporate governance

  • Strengthening Corporate Governance
  • Building Group Governance
  • Strengthening Compliance and Establishing a Risk Management System
  • Crisis management against natural disasters, etc.