Sustainability Activities

To move toward a sustainable world, cultivate harmony with global society, and increase the level of trust from stakeholders, while achieving sustainable growth for society and a medium and long-term increase in corporate value, the Shimadzu Group has established Shimadzu Group Sustainability Charter.

Corporate Governance

Shimadzu Corporation conduct their business activities in accordance with "Corporate Philosophy, Management Principle and Corporate Code of Ethics" and "Corporate Governance Policy" and engage in "Establishment of Corporate Governance System" and "Compliance".

Measures for a Sustainable Future

Shimadzu seeks to achieve a safe, secure, and sustainable future by solving challenges in society by means of supplying products and services that address the increasingly complex and diverse challenges and needs of society.

Measures for Society

Shimadzu will grow along with society by satisfying the expectations of society while also achieving harmony with global and diverse societies and people.

Measures for the Environment

We shall promote innovations based on science and technology to establish a carbon-free and recycling-oriented society. We shall strive to achieve a sustainable society and promote business growth and development by balancing environmental conservation with business activities.

Stakeholder Engagement

In addition to disclosing information about company activities in a timely, appropriate, and fair manner, Shimadzu is also cultivating a deeper mutual understanding with stakeholders through dialogue.

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