Basic Policy

We shall conduct appropriate business transactions with common sense and for the benefit of each other, in compliance with the competition laws of each country that prohibit unfair competition and acts that restrict transactions (bid-rigging, etc.). In addition, we shall comply with the laws and regulations of each country and moderate our relations with related parties in the course of our duties (public servants, private business partners and related, etc.).

1. Compliance with the Antimonopoly Act

We will compete and transact business in compliance with the laws and regulations of countries and regions.
We will not engage in arrangements (cartels) with competitors regarding matters such as sales prices, sales conditions, sales volumes, production volumes, sales regions, or purchasers, or engage in collusion related to successful bidding or prices (collusive bidding). We also will not abuse any superior position we may have when dealing with subcontractors.

2. Compliance with the Subcontract Act

We will engage in fair procurement activities.
When selecting material suppliers, we welcome offers from a wide range of companies to determine appropriate suppliers with fair comparison.

3. Interactions in the Course of Duties

We do not entertain or give gifts to public officials to our advantage in business. We also do not give gifts to public officials or treat them to meals that could be misunderstood as an intention in our favor.

4. Complying with countries' bribery laws and regulations

When conducting business on a global scale, we will comply with countries' penal codes and bribery laws and regulations, including those concerning bribery of public officials ordinances.

5. Improper entertainment or gifts

We will not offer or accept improper entertainment or gifts.
We will engage in offering or accepting entertainment or gifts to or from business partners within the scope of sound business practices and common sense. We will decline gifts, entertainment, etc. from suppliers of materials and services, and/or recipients of donations, such as universities.