Harmony with Local Communities

Basic Policy

We shall deploy social measures for promoting cooperation and conciliation with local communities.

General Rule

1.Promoting the Advancement of Science and Technology and Cultivating Its Next Generation

1.Promoting the Advancement of Science and Technology and Cultivating Its Next Generation

To achieve further advancement of science and technology, we shall fund/promote cutting-edge research, and cultivate the next generation of human resources by using the knowledge and technologies we have.

2. Promoting the Welfare of Society

2.Promoting the Welfare of Society​

We shall act based on sincerely confronting a variety of issues in the local community, such as providing support in the event of a disaster or promoting the hiring of people with disabilities.

3.Supporting Culture, Art, and Sports

3.Supporting Culture, Art, and Sports

We shall support achieving an affluent society and improving the mental and physical health of people by supporting cultural and art activities and promoting sports.


Supporting Science Education

Shimadzu Hands-On Analysis School

The Shimadzu Hands-On Analysis School was set up from our desire to provide elementary, junior and high school students with opportunities to become interested in science. Launched in Japan in 2007, the school allows children to experience performing simple experiments and making things, in addition to experience operating our analytical instruments. It has been held more than 200 times and with over 5,000 participants in total.

Hands-On Class About the Principles of Light

We offer hands-on classes where participants can learn about light by building their own monochromator and observing the differences in wavelength of various light, such as at the Youngster's Science Festival held in Kyoto each year in the fall.

Workshop Lesson Teaches Importance of Making Things

As part of the Kyoto Monodzukuri (making things) promotion activities, sponsored by the Kyoto City Board of Education, Shimadzu alumni provided elementary kids from Kyoto City with a hands-on lesson about investigating the strength of paper rods created by the kids.

Cooperation with the Koshien of Science

Shimadzu Corporation and Shimadzu RIKA Corporation participate in a "Koshien* of Science" event that is sponsored by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) for junior high and high school students and offer the SHIMADZU Prize to the winning team. * Koshien refers to the very popular annual Japanese national high school baseball tournament.

Shimadzu Academic Grant Program

Kick Your Research into High Gear with the Shimadzu Academic Grant Program

Shimadzu 2018/2019 Academic grant programs are now open for applications. Grants are available for all types of research and all researchers, and may be applied toward the purchase of a variety of instruments and techniques, including spectroscopy, chromatography, mass spectrometry, biotechnology, balances, environmental, surface analysis, testing equipment, and medical equipment.

New professors: Shimadzu can help make your startup funds go further with our Academic grant programs.

-Shimadzu has been making specific equipment funds, contributions and rebates available to universities and new professors in the US for over 18 years.
-Our intention is to encourage instrumentation uses in areas that will be of interest to our customer base and the research community.

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Partners with the University of North Florida in Creating the Materials Science and Engineering Research Facility

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) and the University of North Florida (UNF) have joined forces to help establish the Materials Science and Engineering Research Facility (MSERF) on the campus of UNF in Jacksonville, Florida. MSERF, which opened its doors in July of 2017, is a facility designed to support education and research efforts across all materials science and engineering-related disciplines. It will also serve the private sector by providing analytical services related to R&D, process control, failure analysis, and quality assurance. “Partnering with Shimadzu has enabled us to establish a breadth of materials testing and characterization techniques to support the widest spectrum of users in the center,” said Dr. Paul Eason, University of North Florida. “We are fortunate to work with a company that provides so many state of the art instruments.”

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Partners with the University of North Florida in Creating the Materials Science and Engineering Research Facility
Shimadzu Teams with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to Form Interdisciplinary Chemistry Lab

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments announced the opening of the Shimadzu Laboratory for Advanced Applied and Analytical Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) in 2014. The 2,000-square-foot laboratory and office suite is a hub for research across the entire UWM campus, as well as a classroom for teaching the theory and practice of mass spectrometry. Equipped with an array of Shimadzu’s analytical instruments, the lab is able to support diverse programs in drug discovery, freshwater science, food and beverage, environmental science, and other basic life science and chemistry studies. “Our relationship with Shimadzu allows us ready access to the market’s latest analytical innovations,” said Dr. Douglas Stafford, Director of MIDD.

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments donates record $7.5 million to support UT Arlington Institute for Research Technologies

UT Arlington and Shimadzu began collaborating more than a decade ago. In April 2012, the company made an in-kind gift of equipment valued at nearly $3 million to establish the Shimadzu Center for Advanced Analytical Chemistry within the UT Arlington College of Science. In 2013, Shimadzu followed up by committing to the largest, philanthropic gift in the history of UT Arlington with a $7.5 million gift. In honor of the gift, the University renamed the Institute for Research Technologies at UT Arlington the Shimadzu Institute for Research Technologies. “We are grateful for this generous support from Shimadzu and for their strategic relationship with The University of Texas at Arlington,” said James D. Spaniolo, UT Arlington president at the time. “This partnership promises to make North Texas a new hub of scientific discovery and innovation. The Shimadzu Institute will be a magnet for world class students and a resource for discovery across Texas and beyond.” “We have been pleased to find in UT Arlington kindred spirits who are committed to providing students the highest-quality education possible through access to the most advanced scientific equipment,” said Shuzo Maruyama, then president of Shimadzu Scientific Instruments. “Our technologies enable research that improves people’s lives, and we have a great passion for preparing students to be the next generation of great scientists.”

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments donates record $7.5 million to support UT Arlington Institute for Research Technologies
Tecnologico de Monterrey and Shimadzu Scientific Corporation a company of Japanese origin, signed a commercial alliance

In 2019, Tecnologico de Monterrey and Shimadzu Scientific Instruments signed a commercial alliance for the acquisition of scientific equipment, the creation of a Technical Center in Mexico City, and scientific cooperation with researchers and members of the Science and Engineering School of Tecnologico de Monterrey. This commercial alliance will propel the acquisition of state-of-the-art scientific laboratory equipment for our chemistry, biology, nanotechnology and biotechnology laboratories at Tecnologico de Monterrey. The Technical Center Shimadzu-Tec in Mexico City will house the latest generation of Shimadzu instruments in omics for research and teaching in nutrigenomics, metabolomics, proteomics, lipidomics, and genomics.


Support education and R&D globally

Shimadzu supports education of next-generation scientists and R&D at universities not only in Japan but also globally.

Excellence Science Program

Support for the development of Radiological Technologists

Shimadzu successfully produced an X-ray image in 1896, only a year after Dr. Roentgen discovered X-rays. Since then, Shimadzu continues to invest not only in the development and manufacturing of diagnostic X-ray imaging systems, but also in disseminating knowledge about X-rays. In the early days of X-ray equipment, the high voltage part was exposed, and there was a risk of electric shock because inspections were carried out in a dark imaging room. In addition, there was also a risk of X-ray damage because knowledge of the biological action of X-rays was not widespread. Therefore, it was necessary to train radiologists who could use X-ray equipment properly. In 1927, Shimadzu established the Shimadzu X-Ray Technology Training Center, which was Japan’s first facility for training radiological technologists. That same school continues today as the Kyoto College of Medical Science, which contributes to healthcare by supplying many new radiological technologists throughout Japan every year.
In addition to that, Shimadzu established “The Shimadzu School of Radiologic Sciences” in partnership with Midwestern State University (MSU) in the U.S. and has contributed to the development of Radiological Technologists. It is the first corporate naming of a radiologic science school in the United States based on a partnership between a private company and an educational institution. The program not only teaches young students, but also attracts many parents intending to return to the workforce and in that way, the facility contributes to their reintegration into society.

Outstanding Researchers Awarded Shimadzu Award and R&D Grant

The Shimadzu Science Foundation promotes scientific technology in Japan through a variety of assistance activities, such as by awarding the Shimadzu Award to deserving individuals conducting basic research of scientific technology, mainly involving scientific measurement or related fields, or R&D grants to young researchers.

Shimadzu Award

Shimadzu Cup Awarded for Outstanding Research in China

Once every two years, a Shimadzu Cup Research Paper contest is held to help develop young researchers and promote scientific technology, where the researcher that presents the best paper is awarded the prize. The contest is judged by prominent scholars and researchers involved in cutting-edge fields of pharmaceutical analysis in China, who also have an opportunity for technical interaction.

Shimadzu Foundation Memorial Hall

The Shimadzu Foundation Memorial Hall was recently remodeled to show what the building looked like when Shimadzu was founded, which was awarded the encouragement prize of the 2011 Display Industry Award.
The hall exhibits various physics and chemistry instruments, medical X-ray systems, industrial equipment, and other products manufactured and sold since Shimadzu was founded in 1875. It also features historical documents and resource materials. By helping visitors experience what it was like for our founders and predecessors, it is our hope that the hall will be beneficial to those researching the history of science or education in Japan and will help develop an interest in science in young people, who represent our future.
To foster deeper ties with the local regional community, every year the hall is opened to the public free of charge for the Science and Technology Week (April), Takase River Boat Festival (September), and Kansai Culture Day (November).

Shimadzu Foundation Memorial Hall

Exterior of the Foundation Memorial Hall

Exterior of the Foundation Memorial Hall

Takase River Boat Festival

Takase River Boat Festival

Donations Activities

Our company provides financial support to universities, non-profit organizations, and other organizations, including donations to various activities, in order to support research, education, and disaster relief. Total donations in fiscal 2018 were approximately 160 million yen.

Activities to Help Natural Disaster Victims

Collecting Donations for Kumamoto Earthquake Victims

The Shimadzu Group collected donations to help victims of the Kumamoto Earthquake that occurred in April 2016.
We donated a combined 14 million yen collected from Group companies and individual employees to the Japanese Red Cross Society and other organizations.

Activities to Help Typhoon Victims in the Philippines

On November 8, 2013, super typhoon Haiyan (also referred to as typhoon No. 30 or Yolanda) directly hit the central area of the Philippines, centered over Leyte Island, where over 7000 people have died or are missing.
Therefore, the employees of Shimadzu Philippines Corporation (SPC), which is located near the capital city of Manila, in northern Philippines, and the employees of Shimadzu Philippines Manufacturing Inc. (SPM), located in Cavite, about 30 km south of the capital, have been going once or twice weekly since November 26 to volunteer at the evacuation centers on the outskirts of Manila, Makati, and Pasay, where they have been helping to sort and distribute emergency relief provisions.
In addition, a total of over 10 million yen was provided by the Shimadzu Group to the Philippine Red Cross, including 5 million yen donated from Shimadzu Corporation, donations from Group companies, and donations collected from employees

Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Support Measures

As part of our measures by the Shimadzu Labor Union to help the disaster recovery, the union periodically sells products produced in the disaster area. By sponsoring the program, Shimadzu Group employees are expanding the community of people helping to purchase the products.

Regional Contribution Activities Throughout the World

Shimadzu engages in activities that contribute to society based on the specific issues and needs of each regional community.
We promote interactions with regional communities by participating in a variety of employee-led volunteer activities.

Shimadzu Manufacturing Asia Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)

Employees helped distribute food to the homeless.
Twenty employees distributed food and blankets for 50 people, prepared using donations from employees, in the Seremban district, where the plant is located.

Shimadzu Philippines Manufacturing Inc.

Employees held a Christmas party for children from Children's Joy Foundation Inc., which helps with the lives and education of children. They interacted with the children by giving presents, offering entertainment, playing games, and so on.

Contributing to Society Through Tennis

In an effort to contribute through sports to the "Well-being of both Mankind and the Earth," Shimadzu has focused particularly on promoting tennis. Shimadzu tennis team members work to actively promote tennis in Japan by teaching various types of tennis classes, and by supporting tennis tournaments held all over Japan.

Junior Tennis Classes

Shimadzu tennis team athletes give junior tennis classes every year for elementary through high school students. This program is held 25 times until 2016. This program is held to teach local participants the fun of playing tennis through technical instruction by world ranked Shimadzu athletes and interaction with them.

Junior Tennis Classes

Special Support for the Shimadzu All Japan Indoor Tennis Championships

Each year in March, Shimadzu is a special sponsor of the Shimadzu All Japan Indoor Tennis Championships in Kyoto. Next to the All Japan Tennis Championships, this is the largest tournament sponsored by the Japan Tennis Association. It attracts many top professional tennis players from Japan and around the world, and results in many furiously fought matches.

the Shimadzu All Japan Indoor Tennis Championships

the Shimadzu All Japan Indoor Tennis Championships

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