Non-Financial Highlights

Number of Eco-Products Plus Models Developed/
Contribution Volume of Reduction in CO2Emissions

Eco-Products Plus Models Net Sales/
Ratio of Net Sales

Product development is based on Shimadzu's own product design guidelines for reducing environmental impact. Products that achieve especially outstanding environmental performance, in terms of lower energy use, smaller size, and/or reduced consumables usage, are certified Eco-Products Plus models. Thus far, 85 models have earned that certification. During 2017, these models reduced CO2 emissions generated from customer usage by 33,820 tons.

CO2Emissions/Emissions per Unit of Net Sales

Number of Students Attending Environmental
Education Classes Offered Outside Shimadzu
(Total from FY 2000 to FY 2017)

CO2 emissions from business activities are currently increasing, due to the increase in sales volumes and number of business locations during the last several years, for example, but we are determined to reduce emissions in the future by improving the visibility of environmental management information and proposing and implementing measures consistent with given business conditions.

Environmental education classes are conducted at elementary and junior high schools to increase the awareness of environmental conservation among children. The classes have been especially praised for the unique environmental and social contribution activities conducted using unique environmental education tools that were conceived and created by Shimadzu.

Ratio of Women Full Employees

Ratio of Women in Management Positions
(Head Office/Subsidiaries in Japan/
Subsidiaries Outside Japan)

The ratio of women employees in the Shimadzu Group is increasing yearly. We actively promote hiring women full employees and are committed to providing a workplace environment where women employees can fully utilize their abilities.

Based on our belief that combining diverse types of knowledge or senses of value will provide a valuable source of new science and technology, Shimadzu practices diversity management. Consequently, we plan to increase the number of women in management positions to 5 % (40 managers) by 2020.

Number of Employees by Region
(Head Office/Subsidiaries in Japan/
Subsidiaries Outside Japan)

Number of Patent Applications/
Number of Patents Held

Due to our expanding businesses, the number of employees is increasing. In particular, the number of employees is especially increasing at subsidiaries outside Japan, due to increasing sales in markets outside Japan in recent years.

Based on our basic policy of creating new value using intellectual property generated from research and development, each year we apply for about 500 patents within Japan and 300 outside Japan. However, the number of patent applications has been increasing annually, with patent acquisition increasing outside Japan as well.