As a Member of Society

Hands-On Analysis School

Based on a desire to provide an opportunity for kids to take an interest in science, Shimadzu has established a Shimadzu Hands-On Analysis School so that kids can try operating analytical instruments.
Since starting the school in 2007, 2,500 students have participated in the approximately 160 sessions so far.
Starting in fiscal 2011, a chromatography course was added for high school students, a total of two courses are provided, including the previously set spectrometry course.

Spectrometry Course Program

  1. Lecture (light and colors)
  2. Manufacturing spectrophotometers and observing light
  3. Analyzing samples using analytical instruments (spectrophotometer)

Contributing to Society Through Tennis

In an effort to contribute through sports to the "Well-being of both Mankind and the Earth," Shimadzu has focused particularly on promoting tennis. Shimadzu tennis team members work to actively promote tennis in Japan by teaching various types of tennis classes, and by supporting tennis tournaments held all over Japan.

Junior Tennis Classes

Shimadzu tennis team athletes give junior tennis classes every year for elementary through high school students. This program is held 25 times until 2016.
This program is held to teach local participants the fun of playing tennis through technical instruction by world ranked Shimadzu athletes and interaction with them.

Junior Tennis Classes

Junior Tennis Classes

Special Support for the Shimadzu All Japan Indoor Tennis Championships

Each year in March, Shimadzu is a special sponsor of the Shimadzu All Japan Indoor Tennis Championships in Kyoto. Next to the All Japan Tennis Championships, this is the largest tournament sponsored by the Japan Tennis Association. It attracts many top professional tennis players from Japan and around the world, and results in many furiously fought matches.

Ceremony of Shimadzu All Japan Indoor Tennis Championships

Ceremony of Shimadzu All Japan Indoor Tennis Championships

Participating in Scientific Technology Exhibits and Supporting

Science Education

Shimadzu is involved in many activities to stimulate children's interest in science, by for example participating in various science-related exhibitions and events designed for kids, and by conducting classes on science experiments using Shimadzu analytical instruments and balances.

Workshop Lesson Teaches Importance of Making Things

As part of the Kyoto Monodzukuri (making things) promotion activities, sponsored by the Kyoto City Board of Education, Shimadzu alumni provided elementary kids from Kyoto City with a hands-on lesson about investigating the strength of paper rods created by the kids.

Drug Discovery Research System First in Japan to Introduce Molecular Imaging Technology Able to Evaluate Drugs in Early-Stage Clinical Trials

In April 2011, Shimadzu signed a comprehensive collaborative research agreement with the National Cancer Center for the purpose of jointly developing ultra-early cancer diagnostic technology and pharmacological evaluation technology. In this joint research work, Shimadzu's mass spectrometer technology and molecular imaging technology have proven very effective for visualizing the distribution
of drugs at the cellular level and for evaluating how that relates to drug efficacy. This has made it possible to prove the drug discovery concept of localizing the necessary drugs at the target tissues. It also resulted in developing techniques for measuring the concentration of antibody drugs in the blood. Furthermore, clinical research has now begun to evaluate the effectiveness of molecular imaging technology that incorporates those results. In the future, we intend to continue this research in an effort to develop cancer-fighting agents that are more effective, have fewer adverse effects, and are patient-friendly.

Activities to Help Typhoon Victims in the Philippines

On November 8, 2013, super typhoon Haiyan (also referred to as typhoon No. 30 or Yolanda) directly hit the central area of the Philippines, centered over Leyte Island, where over 7000 people have died or are missing.
Therefore, the employees of Shimadzu Philippines Corporation (SPC), which is located near the capital city of Manila, in northern Philippines, and the employees of Shimadzu Philippines Manufacturing
Inc. (SPM), located in Cavite, about 30 km south of the capital, have been going once or twice weekly since November 26 to volunteer at the evacuation centers on the outskirts of Manila, Makati, and Pasay,
where they have been helping to sort and distribute emergency relief provisions.
In addition, a total of over 10 million yen was provided by the Shimadzu Group to the Philippine Red Cross, including 5 million yen donated from Shimadzu Corporation, donations from Group companies, and donations collected from employees.

Outstanfding Researchers Awarded Shimadzu Award and R&D Grant

The Shimadzu Science Foundation promotes scientific technology in Japan through a variety of assistance activities, such as by awarding the Shimadzu Award to deserving individuals conducting basic research of scientific technology, mainly involving scientific measurement or related fields, or R&D grants to young researchers.

Shimadzu Cup Awarded for Outstanding Research in China

Once every two years, a Shimadzu Cup Research Paper contest is held to help develop young researchers and promote scientific technolgy, where the researcher that presents the best paper is awarded the prize. The contest is judged by prominent scholars and researchers involved in cutting-edge fields of pharmaceutical analysis in China, who also have an opportunity for technical interaction.

Shimadzu Foundation Memorial Hall

Exterior of the Foundation Memorial Hall

Exterior of the Foundation Memorial Hall

The Shimadzu Foundation Memorial Hall was recently remodeled to show what the building looked like when Shimadzu was founded, which was awarded the encouragement prize of the 2011 Display Industry Award.
The hall exhibits various physics and chemistry instruments, medical X-ray systems, industrial equipment, and other products manufactured and sold since Shimadzu was founded in 1875. It also features historical documents and resource materials. By helping visitors experience what it was like for our founders and predecessors, it is our hope that the hall will be beneficial to those researching the history of science or education in Japan and will help develop an interest in science in young people, who represent our future.
To foster deeper ties with the local regional community, every year the hall is opened to the public free of charge for the Science and Technology Week (April), Takase River Boat Festival (September), and Kansai Culture Day (November).