Commitment from Top Management

Plentiful diets, early detection of diseases, and a global environment ensuring safe living are the essential elements for the realization of a society where everyone can enjoy a happy life.
For 140 years, we have been providing solutions for that goal through science and technology, and have formed the current four business segments: Analytical and Measuring Instruments, Medical Systems and Equipment, Aircraft Equipment, and Industrial Machinery. We believe that Shimadzu’s corporate value encompasses total values for various stakeholders including customers, shareholders, business partners, employees, and local communities, generated as a result of social contribution (resolution of social issues) through these businesses.

In the year 2015, which was a turning point for Shimadzu falling on the 140th anniversary of its foundation, we witnessed a heightened global awareness of environmental problems and social issues, as exemplified by the Paris Agreement concluded at the 21st meeting of the Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21) and the adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) toward 2030, and many efforts based on longterm strategies were accelerated.

Shimadzu established the “Corporate Governance Policy” in November 2015. Under this policy, we recognize the issues concerning sustainability, including social and environmental problems, as one of the significant business risks, and have been contributing to the solving of environmental problems through business activities, promoting activities for global environment
conservation, and working for education, awareness raising, and the prevalence of science and technology.
Among them, we place a particular importance on the contribution to environmental conservation through technological development, which is our main business area, and we are specifically making the following efforts:

  • Providing products taking into consideration the reduction of environmental load throughout the product lifecycle (environment-conscious products).
  • Providing products contributing to the improvement of social environments through the functions, performance, and usage of the products (environmentally beneficial products) such as analytical and measuring instruments, one of our main lines of business.
  • Striving to reduce downtime at the customer end and achieve longer product lifecycles through the fulfillment of after-sales services.

In the future, as our customers try to research new materials, and develop and manufacture products aiming to conserve the environment, we will continue to support them by developing and providing solutions, which we believe will realize a healthy and safe life for all of society, enabling us to pass on the beautiful Earth to future generations.

One of our measures is to establish “innovation centers,” which is underway in stages, for the purpose of grasping the specific needs of customers around the globe and developing new products and services that integrate our technology and the cutting-edge knowledge held by research institutes around the world.
We will continue to provide added value unique to Shimadzu and take up the challenge of solving issues in society together with customers.

This report provides information on our contribution to environmental conservation through technological development, and our activities and achievements such as efforts for environmental load reduction in daily business activities and support for external stakeholders.
We would appreciate if you could read the report and give us your candid opinions.

Teruhisa Ueda
President & CEO