Environmental Policy Within the Scope of ISO 14001 Certification

Environmental Policies of Shimadzu Corporation Head Office, Factories, and Related Offices in Japan

Revised 27th April 2020

1. Basic Philosophy

The Head Office, factories, and related offices in Japan intend to achieve a sustainable society and business growth by promoting innovation for using science and technology to build a carbon-free and recycling-oriented society and by balancing environmental conservation with business activities.

2. Basic Policies

Contribute to achieving a sustainable society through environmental management practices that balance environmental conservation with business growth and development, by offering solutions for environmental challenges of society that are consistent with achieving a carbon-free society and recycling-oriented society from all Shimadzu businesses, including the four business segments—Analytical & Measuring Instruments, Medical Systems, Aircraft Equipment, and Industrial Machinery, and other related businesses.

(1)  In particular, the following environmental activities will be prioritized.
1) Reduce the environmental impact of all products throughout their entire product life cycle.
2) Strive to achieve medium and long-term CO2 emission reduction goals for the Shimadzu Group through compliance with climate change standards, the effective use of energies intended to mitigate climate change, and the active use of renewable energies.
3) Actively engage in environmental conservation efforts, not only by promoting the use of sustainable resources and appropriately managing the use of hazardous chemical substances and water, but also by ensuring Shimadzu, including its supply chains, contributes to establishing a carbon-free and recycling-oriented society.
4) Contribute to solving environmental challenges not only by offering environmental analysis and measuring instruments, technologies for microplastics analysis and evaluation, but also by offering instruments and technologies that can help generate environmental innovation for society, such as new materials or alternative energies.
5) Partner with community groups, educational institutions, or other organizations, to deploy a wide range of activities, such as forest conservation or environmental educational activities intended to protect biodiversity and ecosystems.
(2)  We will comply with all applicable legal requirements, such as local, national, and international environmental laws and regulations, and also comply with other requirements to which Shimadzu has agreed. If necessary, we will engage in environmental conservation by creating our own voluntary standards.
(3)  We will continue to reduce and prevent the environmental impact and pollution of organizations and society by continuously improving an environmental management system intended to accurately determine the environmental impact and improve the environmental performance of activities, products, and services of the organizations.
(4)  We will prepare organizations and conduct environmental training and education activities that enable all employees and other personnel working within the properties to actively engage in environmental conservation activities.
(5)  We will actively partner and cooperate with stakeholders to contribute to society and solve environmental challenges.

Fuminori Inagaki
Environmental Committee Chair
Shimadzu Corporation

Promotional Organization/External Auditing/Internal Environmental Auditors/Environmental Committee