Environmental Policy Within the Scope of ISO 14001 Certification

Environmental Policies of Shimadzu Corporation Head Office and Factories & Related Offices

Revised 24th April 2019

1. Basic Philosophy

Human health and environmental preservation on a global scale are goals shared throughout the world. As a member of the international community, we at Shimadzu consider global environmental problems as one of our most important concerns, and we conduct our business activities in accordance with the management principle, “Realizing Our Wishes for the Well-being of both Mankind and the Earth.” We strive to achieve an abundant society while preserving and protecting the environment.

2. Basic Policies

In addition to efforts to expand business in the four business segments, Analytical & Measuring Instruments, Medical Systems, Aircraft Equipment, and Industrial Machinery, the Shimadzu Corporation Head Office and Factories & Related Offices will also engage in activities aimed at continuously reducing the environmental impact of and preventing pollution of the organization and society by continuously improving an environmental management system intended to accurately determine the environmental impact and increase the performance of activities by the organization, products, and services.

(1) The Head Office and Factories & Related Offices will engage in environmental management intended to achieve a sustainable society and business growth, by engaging in development based on using science and technology to promote innovation for building a carbon-free and recycling-oriented society and by balancing business activities with environmental protection.
(2) To promote activities for global environmental preservation, environmental education and promotion activities will be performed and organizations will be prepared that enable all employees and others that work within the property to actively engage in environmental protection activities.
(3) The Head Office and Factories & Related Offices will comply with all applicable legal requirements, such as international, national and local environmental laws and regulations, and also comply with other requirements to which Shimadzu has agreed. If necessary, the Head Office and Factories & Related Offices will engage in global environmental protection activities based on voluntary standards established by Shimadzu.
(4) In particular, the following protection activities will be prioritized.
Environmental impact will be reduced throughout the entire product life cycle of all products.
Shimadzu will strive to achieve medium and long-term CO2 emissions goals for the Shimadzu Group through compliance with climate change standards, the effective use of energies intended to minimize climate change, and the active use of renewable energies.
In addition to promoting the use of sustainable resources and reducing the use of hazardous chemical substances, the company will also help to protect the environment by endeavoring to establish a carbon-free and recycling-oriented society.
The company will contribute to solving environmental problems not only by offering Shimadzu’s environmental analysis and measuring instruments, but also by offering devices and technologies that can help generate innovation, such as for new materials or alternative energies.
The company will partner with community groups or educational institutions, for example, to protect biodiversity and protect ecosystems by deploying a wide range of activities, such as creating forests or conducting environmental education classes.
(5) The company will actively partner and cooperate with stakeholders to contribute to society and solve environmental challenges.

Fuminori Inagaki
Environmental Committee Chair Head Office and Factories & Related Offices
Shimadzu Corporation

Promotional Organization/External Auditing/Environmental Committee